Daily Developer Affirmations

I sent this out to my team a little while ago. I like to color really serious messages with a little constructive humor. It worked OK. Reuse at will. If Al Franken’s lawers come after you, then I totally copied this from somewhere…

[Original Message] Subject: Daily Developer Affirmations

Adapted from Stuart Smalley, who has been a Senator for a while now in the real world BTW.
Repeat to yourself each morning for better health:

I deserve good things.
I write really helpful and descriptive check-in comments for all my code.
I am entitled to my share of happiness.
I write really helpful and descriptive resolution comments for all of my bugs.
I refuse to beat myself up.
I comment my code with pride, excellence and political correctness.
I am attractive person.
I always request code reviews, after double checking my work, and perform code reviews with the care of a parental figure searching their child’s school bag for drugs, porn and weapons.
I am fun to be with.

And by golly, people like me.

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